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Hong Kong WESTWAY plastic hardware precision mould co., LTD. Since its establishment insisted that "comprehensive open, good faith compliance" business philosophy, for the global customer precision custom plastic mold and molding, metal products. To global customers to provide more efficient and satisfactory products and services, the company will be a part of the business, development, design, production to set up in China has the reputation of "design it all" shenzhen special zone. We have a rich "passion, innovation, pragmatic, efficient, professional" cooperative team. We firmly believe that mould and mould products as the foundation of industrial classification, will be long-term to provide guarantee for the development and prosperity of the global economy, at the same time we also see challenge to the traditional mould industry science and technology, we will be powered by scientific and technological innovation, improve the company's competitive advantage.Now we are working with learning and the introduction of 3 d printing technology, rapid convenient different customer demand;In providing customers with professional mold and molding products at the same time in constant development and the corresponding production of electronic, electrical products.Will wholeheartedly provide customers with a complete set of product design, development, production and other services.As the client market competition intensifying, we are in demand at the beginning of the design of the product to the customer have imported cost design concept, in can meet the demand of product design under the premise of maximum use of new technology and new materials to reduce cost, to win more market competitive advantage for our customers.

At present, the plastic hardware precision mould co., LTD in Hong Kong WESTWAY for global customers design, development and manufacture of various types of injection mould, blow mould, die-casting mould, including electronics, electrical appliances, automotive, medical, daily necessities, etc. Most of our molds are exported to the United States, Canada, Russia, Britain, Germany, France, Italy, Australia, Japan and other countries and regions.

We will enforce our company insist on "full open, good faith compliance" business philosophy, keep up with the trend of the development of the science and technology, active and reasonable use of all innovative technologies for the global customers with accurate and satisfactory service.The world is very big, trust we have in common, we can!